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Blog: 2015

18 Nov 2015
lemon law attorney
For nearly 80 years Consumer Reports has provided consumers with valuable information about the quality and reliability of everyday consumer products.  As they do annually, on October 20 Consumer Reports issued their list of the 20 most unreliable vehicles on the road.  This report was comprised after Consumer Reports analyzed data on more than 740,000 vehicles from its 2015 reliability survey.  The vehicles studied ranged in age from 3 months to 3 years old and all vehicles were substantially similar to the manufacturer’s... Continue reading »
14 Aug 2015
Every state has its own version of the Lemon Law; the Lemon Law statute in the State of California is perhaps the strongest in the country. Over and above the remedies provided by the federal Magnuson-Moss warranty act, the California statute can add and multiply remedies. Hire a California lemon law attorney to help. If your new car spends more time in the dealers repair shop than it spends in your driveway, there is a very good chance you purchased a lemon. The California Lemon Law is available to new car purchasers who find themselves in this situation. If the defect cannot be... Continue reading »
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