Ford Recalling 3 Million Cars Due to Unsafe Takata Airbags

Published on February 1st, 2021

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is forcing Ford to recall roughly 3 million vehicles due to issues with Takata airbag inflators.

Ford put up a fight to the NHTSA, arguing that the inflators didn’t pose the same risk as other recalled airbags, however, the NHTSA rejected the automaker’s petition. Ford is currently under a 30-day period to submit its plans to the NHTSA in order for them to conduct the recall.

Takata Airbags

The NHTSA reviewed the airbags in question and determined that the Takata airbags show signs of “propellant degradation and potential future rupture risk,” resulting in their decision to recall these vehicles.

Despite Ford pointing out that these airbags are different than the other Takata passenger-side airbags that were recalled, they acknowledge that safety is the most important factor, and they respect the NHTSA’s decision to move forward with the recall.

Vehicles Recalled

Vehicles included in this recall include the 2006-2012 model years of the Ford Ranger, Ford Fusion, Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ, MKX, and the Mercury Milan. While this recall hasn’t officially been filed yet, Ford is in the process of doing so. If you receive a notice from Ford, make sure to get your vehicle repaired as soon as possible to reduce your risk of injury.

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