Honda Recalls Over 600K Vehicles for Faulty Backup Camera Software

Published on September 29th, 2020

Honda is currently recalling 608,000 SUVs and vans due to faulty software that may cause the backup camera to malfunction. This recall impacts certain 2018-2020 Odysseys, 2019-2020 Passports, and 2019-2021 Pilots.

The recalled vehicles were installed with an “incorrect instrument panel control module software” that may cause the display to hide important information such as speed, engine oil pressure, and gear selector position. To fix the problem, drivers must turn their vehicles on and off again.

The Fix

In order to fix the issue, drivers must visit a Honda dealership to have their software reprogrammed manually.

A Separate but Similar Recall

In addition to issues with the backup camera software, Honda is experiencing a similar issue in 500,000 of the same vehicles. Impacted vehicles in this facet of the recall include 2019-2020 Honda Odysseys. Impacted vehicles have problems with incorrect software programming that can cause delays in the rearview camera image. They may also experience issues with in-car audio.

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