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How do you qualify for the Lemon Law?

Published on May 1st, 2018

If your car, truck, or SUV has been in the shop for repeated concerns or has simply been out of service for a lengthy period of time, you may qualify for a refund, replacement vehicle, or monetary compensation plus the payment of your attorneys’ fees and costs. While every state has different lemon laws, most lemon laws require the following to qualify for relief:

  • The vehicle has some type of defect or non-conformity
  • You tendered the vehicle for repair to the manufacturer’s authorized dealer
  • You provided the manufacturer, through its dealers, with a reasonable number of attempts or time to repair the defect or non-conformity. This time period will vary from state to state, but is typically at least 3 repair attempts or 30 days to repair. To determine your states requirements, you should contact an experienced Lemon Law attorney.

For vehicle owners who don’t meet their state’s lemon law requirements, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, also known as the Federal Lemon Law, offers broader relief. So long as your vehicle was covered under some type of written warranty or service contract, you may be able to get relief due to the manufacturer or its dealers’ failure to repair even if you don’t technically qualify under your state lemon law.

Whether you qualify under state or federal lemon laws, these laws generally provide that if you prevail that the automobile manufacturer or dealer must also pay for your attorneys’ fees. This way, you should be able to hire a lemon law attorney who will not charge you directly for his or her time, but rather, will rely solely on the attorney’s ability to win or settle your case to be paid.

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