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What is a ‘Lemon’?

Published on April 30th, 2018

In the automotive world, “lemon” refers to cars that have repeat problems or defects that substantially impair their use, value or safety. Vehicle “lemon laws” are designed to protect consumers and our lemon law lawyers are here to help.

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One thought on “What is a ‘Lemon’?”

  1. Cori Caminiti says:

    Does this fall under Ca. Lemon Law?

    I purchased a used 2008 Scion XB from Roseville Toyota. After a few weeks I started having a transmission problem. Brought it in and they denied it. Problem persisted so I got a 3rd party mechanic to take a look and they agreed there was a problem. I brought it in again to Roseville Toyota and again they denied there was a problem. 3rd time was the charm, one of the techs admitted there was a problem and they replaced the transmission…

    Later that year I noticed the car wasn’t running smoothly and I checked the oil dip stick, it was bone dry.. I added oil.. 1 month later it was bone dry again.. It got to the point I was adding a quart of oil every two weeks so I brought it in to Roseville Toyota. They told me I had an oil leak.. I had a 3rd party mechanic look into it and they denied I had an oil leak.. So I brought it back to Roseville Toyota and they did an oil consumption (week of driving) test and they denied there was a problem. It wasn’t consuming enough oil for them to take action. Toyota said to come back for a retest in 6 months. Within that time frame I received a recall notice in the mail for an oil consumption problem. Gee what a shocker.

    I brought the car back for another oil consumption test this time with the recall notice. Again a week later they said the car was not consuming enough oil for them to take action. They also told me they didn’t have the replacement part manufactured to fix the oil consumption problem on this model…

    A year and a 1/2 later and after adding gallons of extra oil on top of normal oil changes the car cannot pass smog. I bring it into Toyota and they tell me the problem is no longer under warranty, they have the replacement parts but it will cost $4,000 to fix..

    I purchased a Scion XB lemon with a bad motor and bad transmission that can’t pass smog from Roseville Toyota

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