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Lemon Law Tips

 In 1975, Congress enacted the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is often referred to as the federal “Lemon Law.” This law provides that if a warrantor of a consumer product fails to comply with the obligations of its warranty, i.e. repair defects in materials or workmanship, after being afforded a reasonable opportunity to do so, that the consumer may bring suit not only for damages, but also for attorneys’ fees, and costs. This is extremely important, because it allows law firms to represent consumers without charging them for their time and expenses.  In essence, this “fee-shifting”... Continue reading »
Buying a “new” or “used” car can be less of a game of chance by following a lemon lawyer’s tips for car buying. These tips are designed to empower you, the consumer, with the information you need to make an educated decision in purchasing the most reliable vehicle possible for your budget. Do not be hasty. Odds are that you are purchasing either the most expensive or second most expensive item of your life (other than a home), every time you buy a car. While buying a new or used car can be exciting, you should not do so hastily. Don’t let the new car smell or fresh coat of wax blind you... Continue reading »
The purchase of any new product comes with expectations that it will work as intended, especially if that product comes with a warranty. Unfortunately, this basic premise is not always true. Since your purchase, you may have had continuous problems with the product resulting in multiple repairs, impairment of its use, decreased value and/or increased safety risks. If this describes your situation, you may have purchased what is known as a “lemon” and you may be eligible for a refund of your money, a replacement product or a cash settlement. Federal and state laws... Continue reading »