New Car Buying Guide

A new car is second only to a home as the most expensive purchase many consumers make. According to Kiplinger.Com the average price of an automobile was $31,228 in 2013, a record high. That’s...

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How do you qualify for the Lemon Law?

If your car, truck, or SUV has been in the shop for repeated concerns or has simply been out of service for a lengthy period of time, you may qualify for a refund, replacement...

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Federal and State Lemon Laws Require the Automobile Manufacturer to Pay Your Attorneys’ Fees and Costs

In 1975, Congress enacted the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is often referred to as the federal “Lemon Law.” This law provides that if a warrantor of a consumer product fails to comply with the...

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What is a 'Lemon' Anyway?

In the automotive world, "lemon" refers to cars that have repeat problems or defects that substantially impair their use, value or safety. Vehicle “lemon laws” are designed to protect consumers and our lemon law lawyers are here to help.

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Check Your Local Lemon Laws

While the rules differ from state to state, as a general rule, if your vehicle continues to have a defect within the warranty period, even after it has been repaired three (3) or more times or your vehicle has been out of service for repairs thirty (30) or more days, your vehicle may be labeled a “Lemon.”

Most state laws provide that an automobile manufacturer must either refund a consumer's money and take back the defective vehicle or replace the vehicle. Keep in mind that in most states it is typically the consumer's choice to elect the relief that best suits them.

However, before you make a decision, talk to our experienced lemon law attorneys to ensure you are protected.

Seek Help to Maximize Your Compensation

It's important to understand your lemon law rights so you may obtain the most compensation to which you are entitled and put yourself in the best position to get behind the wheel of a reliable car. Working with experienced lemon law attorneys is the best way to protect yourself and ensure you are properly represented.

We will pair you with a lemon law lawyer who fully understands the laws in your state and who can provide the representation you need. Lemon Laws can be difficult to understand and often contain many procedural and/or administrative requirements. Therefore, it is critical you take all the right steps to ensure the best results.

Even a Single Defect Can Be a Problem

In some states, even a single defect that may result in serious injury or cause a safety issue is considered a “Lemon.” For this reason, our lemon law lawyers encourage you to review the “lemon law” in your state and reach out to one of our experienced lemon law attorneys to discuss your options. Please know that most lemon law attorneys will not charge you any attorneys' fees but rather fight the case on your behalf and collect their attorneys' fees from the manufacturer.

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Lemon Law Questions? Send Details for a FREE Case Review

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Get Experienced Lemon Law Lawyers

Lemon laws are extremely precise and require attention to detail, meaning it is extremely important to work with the right type of attorney. We have a listing of lemon law lawyers who will be able to guide you through the process and help you make the right decisions to get fair compensation. A qualified lemon law attorney will know the ins and outs of the process and can help you determine if your vehicle is considered a “lemon.” They can then help you through the entire process so you don't miss out on the compensation to which you are entitled.

Don't Settle for a Lemon

When you buy or lease a vehicle, you should be able to rely on it functioning properly. Working with experienced lemon law lawyers increases your chance of getting the maximum monetary compensation possible for your claim. Protect your assets with our lemon law lawyers.

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